Arrange Groups - Mobile

If using Desktop, click HERE

If using the App, click HERE

1. Log into your account.

2. Click the three white lines on the top left-hand side of your screen.

3. Click "Groups". We'll select "Groups I Manage" for this tutorial, but it works the exact same way for "Groups I've Joined".

4. You can now see the list of all the groups you manage. Click "Arrange Results" right above the list.

5. How your list is currently arranged is stated beside "By:". In this example, you can see that the list is currently arranged "By: Total Members".

6. To change how this list is arranged, simply click on any of the options available. For this tutorial, let's choose "Alphabetically". 

7. You will now see that the list has bee arranged according to the choice you made. You can change how your groups are arranged at any time using any of the options to suit your needs. 

Now that you know how to arrange the groups you manage or have joined, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.


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