Editing Your Park Page - App

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Once your request to manage and claim your park has been approved you can edit your park's page. Here's how...

First, if you aren't already, make sure you are checked into your park. To learn how, click HERE.

Once you're checked into your park, you can click on the name of your park at the top of any page on the site. 


Click "Edit Park".

Fill out all of the information about your park.
-Make sure the spelling of your park's name is correct.
-Add your first and last name if you wish to share it. 
-Use the toolbar to edit your park's details, add an image, a link, etc.
-Enter your park's address including the city, state, and zip code/postal code. 
-Click "Plot In Map". Zoom in to determine if the pin is located at the correct location. If it's not, click on the correct location then click "done". If it is correct, click on the pin and then click "done". This will add the correct latitude and longitude for your location. 
-Enter your park's email address, website address, and phone number.
-Choose an image to be used on the left-hand side of your park's page. Using your park's logo is a great choice for this image. 
-Choose all the affiliations, clubs, and associations your park is part of.
-Add any amenities you'd like to share with your guests followed by a comma (,). 
-Click "Save Changes".


Now that you know how to edit your Park Page, click HERE.

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