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NOTE: Adding an officer to an account is only for upgraded park accounts. If you have claimed your park and would like information on how to upgrade your account, you can contact us by phone at 888-238-6709, ext 1, or by email at

Once you've upgraded your park owner account, you can make a member of RVillage an Officer of your park page so they can manage it for you. They do not have to be checked into your park to do so. As an officer, they can edit your park info, create coupons, post on your park feed, and reply to posts. 

Here's how you make someone an officer of your park page...

1. Since you are (and should be) checked into your park, you can simply click on your park's name a the top of the Home Feed to be taken to your park's feed. You can also navigate to your profile to click on your park's name on the left-hand side under the "My Parks" area. 

If you are not checked into your park yet, click HERE to learn how to change your location. 


2. Click "Manage Officers"


3. Scroll down and click on the "Add Officers" tab. 


4. Scroll down and then type in the email address the person you want to make an officer (use the email address the person used to create their RVillage account) and click "Search".

5. When the account for the person you want to make an officer appears, click "Promote".


6. Click "Promote" to confirm your decision to promote this member to an Officer of your park. 


7. Scroll down and you will now see the member's info under the "Manage Officers" tab. If you ever need to demote them as an officer for your park, simply navigate to the "Manage Officers" tab again and click "Demote Officer".


Now that you know how to make someone an officer of your park page, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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