How To Pin A Post In Groups You Own Or Manage - Mobile

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Pinning a post to the top of your Group Feed is easy! Here's how:

Click the three white lines in the top left corner of your device. Click "Groups"

If you're the owner of the group, click "GROUPS I MANAGE".

If you are an officer of the group, click "GROUPS I'VE JOINED".


For this tutorial, we will choose "GROUPS I MANAGE". Now click on the name of the group where you would like to pin a post.


You can either create a new post to be pinned at the top, or you can choose an existing post that you would like pinned at the top. We will create a new post. Simply type your post in the box below "What's New" and click "Share". 


After you create a new post or find the existing post you want pinned at the top, click the "Down Arrow" at the top right corner of the post.

When the menu opens, click "Pin To Top". If you are the group owner, your menu will look like this first image. If you are a group officer, your menu will look like the second image.

Now click "Pin to top" to verify that you want to pin this particular post to the top of the page.


When the pop up appears, click "Pin to top" to confirm your choice.


Once you've pinned the post, it will remain at the top of your group's feed. All new posts will appear under the pinned post. Now, every visitor to your group will see your pinned post first!

You can only pin one post to the top of your group's page. If you want to change which post is pinned, simply repeat this process and your old pinned post will be replaced with the new one. 


Now that you know how to pin a post to the top of groups you own or manage, click HERE to try it out on the site!

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