Finding And Adding Friends By Location - Mobile

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Finding friends around you is super easy. Here's how....

Log into your account. You will be on the Home Page by default.

1. Click "[+] Show Explore Map if the map is not visible.


2..  Click "[+] "Show Explore Map"  if the map is not visible.


3. You can narrow your search with the filters below the "Explorer Map";

  • When you click in the box with "Miles" you can select from 25 miles up to 250 miles,
  • You caqn select "Members", "Parks", "Groups", "Friends", "Merchants", "Get Togethers", or "RV Services. 

Click on the member's name to be taken to their profile where you can send them a friend request. 


3. You can now click on any of the pins to see the member's name to find your friend.


4. Click on the member's name to be taken to their profile where you can;

  • Send them a "Friend Request",
  • "Add Friend",
  • Or "Block", which we hope you do not have to do. 


5. Click "Add Friend" to confirm your decision. 




Now that you know how to find friends by location, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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