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As a Charter Park, you can create a Coupon that will reach RVillage members up to 250 miles around your park. You can create as many coupons throughout the year as you'd like. But, you can only have 2 different coupons running at any given time. Here's how to create your coupons...

1. Log into your account.

2. Click on your park name beside "Your Current Location" at the top of the page.

NOTE: You must be checked into your park to see your park name beside "Your Current Location". Staying checked into your park allows you to get notifications about activity on your park page so you can respond.
If you're not checked into your park yet, click HERE to learn how.


3. Click "Manage Coupons"


4. Here, you will see any current or past coupons you've created. You can edit those coupons, or delete them using the buttons to the right of the coupon. 

Click "Create Coupon" to create a new coupon.


5. Create your coupon.

Be sure to read all of the info about creating a coupon first.

Your coupon name should be your park name, city & state so members will know immediately what park the coupon is for. 

Add your park's URL. This will be the web address that members will be taken to when they click on your coupon.

Give a description for your coupon. Make sure to include any dates or time periods the coupon is valid.
Ex: Valid for the month of March. -or- Valid Sunday through Thursday.

Add an image for your coupon to make it look professional and eye catching.

Create your coupon code. Please enter a unique coupon code for members to use the discount. It should be a combination of numbers and letters, no symbols, that is between 6 and 10 characters long.


Enter the start date. Remember, this is not the date that the coupon is valid for. This is the start date for when you want your coupon to be visible to members.

Choose when, or if, your coupon will expire. Remember, you can edit or delete this coupon at any time if you change your mind.

Choose the discount type. If you want to offer a percentage off the member's stay, choose "Percentage". If you want to offer a dollar amount off of the member's stay, choose "Price".

Enter the discount value. If you chose "Percentage" enter the amount of the percentage off. Ex: For 25% off, you would enter "25". If you chose "Price" enter the dollar amount off. Ex: For $10 off each night, enter "10"

Click "Create Coupon".


Now that you know how to create a coupon, head over to the site and start drawing members to your park by clicking HERE.



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