Custome URL - Mobile

If using Desktop, click HERE

If using the App, click HERE

1. Log into your account. 

2. Click on the "little man/profile pic" icon.

3. Select "Edit My Profile"

4. Click "Account".


Here, you can do the following...

  • In case you chose the wrong answer for the "Who Are You" section when signing up for a new account, you can now change that to something different if you need to.
  • The next few areas may be filled out for you, but you can change them if you need to.
  • Next, use the drop-down menu to choose what country you're in.
  • Enter your home state or your state of residency if you're a fulltime RVer.
  • Enter the city for your town or town of residency if you're a fulltime RVer.
  • Here's the fun part! You can choose what your personalized URL address for your RVillage account will be. It can be your name, something you enjoy doing, anything that's not already taken by another member. If you see the green arrow, you will know it's available. In the example below, the personalized URL address would be "". You can share your profile URL with all of your friends. :-)


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