RVillage Blogging and Vlogging Etiquette / Badges And Links

When using the blogging tool on RVillage there are a few Blogging Etiquette tips we'd like you to remember.

1. RVillage badge for your blog site.

*Not available on the RVillage App or when using Mobile Web to access the site. You'll have to do this one on the computer. 

If you are using the RVillage blogging tool and you choose to include a link to your site, or not write a complete blog, but rather only include a snippet of your blog with a link to your site where our members can view the full blog, Please be sure to include an RVillage badge on your site's pages that links back to our site. You can have it link directly to your RVillage profile OR group! (Having links back to sites you use for your reach on your blog is not only kind and thoughtful, it is also the proper and responsible way to blog. This is just like having a Facebook or Twitter badge on your blog linking to your Facebook or Twitter pages).

Here's how to do this...

  • Log into your account
  • Click the "little man" icon in the black bar across the top of the site between the bell & the envelope.
  • Click "View My profile"


  • In the navigation bar across the top of the site, highlight and copy your profile's URL address. (You can do the same thing with your Group's URL if you want to direct people to your RVillage Group)


  • Click "Handouts & Badges" under "Options" on the left-hand side of your profile.


  • This will open our company website in a new tab. You will be on the "Printable Handouts & Web Badges" page by default.
  • Scroll down and find the badge you'd like to use on your site. (We've chosen the "Find Me On RVillage" badge for this example). 
  • Right below the badge you want to use, you will see an Embed Code with in the code.
  • Highlight that one section as we did here. (Do NOT highlight the quotation marks. Only the actual URL).


  • Right click on the highlighted area and select "Paste"
  • Now, your profile URL address will appear where the RVillage URL used to be.


  • Now, highlight the entire Embed Code.
  • Right click on the highlighted area and select "Copy"


  • Next, navigate to your blog/website.
  • Place the "Embed" icon on your site where you want your RVillage badge to appear.


  • Paste the Embed Code you copied into the embed code area.
  • Viola! Your RVillage Badge will be located where you placed it, and all of your followers can find you on RVillage.


2. Like And Comment

  • Bloggers love for members to like or comment on their blogs!
  • Keep your comments on topic and kind.
  • If someone comments on your blog, be sure to follow up by liking their comment, or responding.

3. Subscribe

  • If you really enjoy the way a particular blogger writes, click "Subscribe" on the left-hand side of the blog. 
  • You can see all of the bloggers you've subscribed to by clicking "Blogs" in the black bar and then click "My Subscriptions".

4. No Spamming!

  • Don't leave spammy comments or links in another member's blog(s). It's just not nice. And, it's a violation of our Terms Of Use.
  • Don't use another member's blog(s) to advertise your blog(s), even if it's still "on topic" for the blog content. Also not nice and a violation of our TOU.
  • Don't flood various groups with your blog link. Flooding (multiple posts linking to your blog in multiple groups) is against our Terms Of Use as well.
  • Don't use tagging to draw attention to your blog. Especially in groups! When you post to the group, members of that group will get a notification of the post. Tagging is not only un-necessary, but quite annoying as well. Tagging should only be used to tag those who have been mentioned in the blog. NOT AS AN ADVERTISING TOOL!

5. Pay it forward! Consider writing a post about RVillage...

  • We have found that articles about making connections on the road, whether it be in your park or meetups, is content that get's a lot of attention out there! We love reading and sharing articles others have written about the RVillage site and how our members use it. We share these articles on our social media and will consider featuring YOUR articles in OUR social media sites!

Now that you know some good tips for blogging, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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