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Finding members to connect with based on interests, clubs, age, type of rig, (and much more) can make your RVillage experience more robust and fulfilling. Here's how you can find members with all kinds of things in common with you...

Log into your account via the App.

 1. Click "Search"


2. Click "Search Site".


3.  Use the first box and type in a name., (we used Paul).

  • In the box that says "everything", click on drop down arrow.
  • A rolling selection below will appear and for our example we will click on "Members".
  • Click "Done".


4. When you clicked "Done" everyone who has the name "Paul" will appear.

  • Note that "List View" is in green.


5. When you Click "Map View" it will turn green and show all the "Pauls" on the "Map".

  • You can click on each of the pins for those around you.


Now that you know how to find just the members you're looking for, give it a try by clicking HERE.

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