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Posting a comment & sharing photos of your stay on the park's page is a great way to share your experience with other RVillagers. Your post on the park's page will also be shared to the Home Feed so that all RVillagers will be able to see your post and photos. So you're not only sharing with everyone about the park you are in, but you are also leaving something great on the park feed for others to see when looking at that park.

Here's how to post on your park's page...

1. Log into your account.

2. Navigate to the park's page.

  • If you are checked into the park you want to post about:
    -Click the blue link at the top of the site to be taken to your park's page.
  • park.jpg
    Type your message in the "Post Something..." box, and click "Share".


  • If you want to add a post about a park you stayed at in the past:
    -Click "Profile"


    -Click "View My Profile"


    -Click "My Places"


    -Click on the Pin that belongs to the park you want to post in.
    -Click the name of the park in the popup to be taken to that park's page.


  • If you're at a park you want to post about, but not checked in yet:
    -Check into your park. You can learn how to do that HERE.
    -Once you are checked into the park, click the blue link at the top of the site to be taken to your park's page.

3. Make a post on your park's page

  • Click inside the "Post Something Or Add A Photo" box.


  • Write your post and click "Done" to confirm you're done. 


  • Add any photos you want to add by clicking the "Add Photo" icon.


  • Use the "Upload" button to choose your photos.
  • Click "Share"


  • You will now see your post with any photos you've added.


Now that you know how to post and add photos to your park's page, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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