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Finding members to connect with based on interests, clubs, age, type of rig, (and much more) can make your RVillage experience more robust and fulfilling. Here's how you can find members with all kinds of things in common with you...

1. Log into your account.

2. Click the three white lines in the upper left-hand side of your screen and click "Search".

3. Click "Search Members"


4. Use the first filter drop-down menu to select one of the choices. This choice will determine the options in the second drop-down menu. We will select "My Club Memberships" to get us started. Click "x" to confirm your decision.


5. Use the second filter drop-down menu to select more specific info about your first choice to narrow down the results to just what you're looking for. We will select "FMCA".Click "x" to confirm your decision.


6. You can click "Search" at this point and it will display the results below the options you've selected. You can view the results in "List" view, or in "Map" view.


7. But we want to narrow this down a little more. Click "Add Another Filter". You can see another set of filter drop-down menus appear. 


  • For the first filter drop-down menu, we will select "Rig Make". Click the "x" to confirm your decision. 


  • For the second filter drop-down menu, type in the Rig Make. We will use "Newmar". Click the "x" to confirm your decision.


  • Click the "Search" button and you will see the results change. Again, you can view the results in "List" view, or in "Map" view.


8. You can continue to click "Add Another Filter" to narrow your search even further. 

9. Now that you've found the members you're looking for, check out their profile by clicking on their Display Name.


10. While you're there, send them a friend request by clicking "Add Friend" below their profile pic. 


Now that you know how to find just the members you're looking for, give it a try by clicking HERE.

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