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When using the blogging tool to share videos from your YouTube channel on RVillage, there's only one etiquette tip we'd like you to remember...

Please be sure to include an RVillage link on your channel back to our site. You can have it link directly to your RVillage profile OR group! (Having links back to sites you use for your reach on your YouTube channel is not only kind and thoughtful, it is also the proper and responsible way to share. This is just like having a Facebook or Twitter badge on your channel linking to your Facebook or Twitter pages).

*Not available on the RVillage App or when using Mobile Web to access the site. You'll have to do this one on the computer. 

Here's how to do this...

1. Log into your YouTube channel account.

2. Click your profile icon and select "My Channel"


3. Click "Customize Channel


4. Click "About" 


5. At the bottom of the "About" page, under "Links", click "+ Links". 

6. Click "+Add"


7. Type in the name of the link. You could just put "RVillage" or "Find Us On RVillage". Next, copy your URL for your RVillage profile page and paste it in the URL box.

Click "Done"


8. You can now see your RVillage link next to your other Social Media links in your Channel Art.


Thanks so much for using the RVillage blogging area to increase your reach on your YouTube channel and for linking back to RVillage! We really appreciate it. 








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