Dream Vacation Redemption

RVillage is growing and we were fortunate enough to secure a Dream Vacation Week certificate for our first 75,000 RVillagers for a DEEPLY discounted vacation at the Resort of your choosing, worldwide.

You have until Oct 31st, 2018 to book your trip if you choose to use it. You can also add additional certificates if other members can't use theirs and have given you permission to do so.

Let's go over how to do both of these things...

Redeem Your Certificate

1. Log into your account.

2. Locate your Dream Vacation info on the left-hand side of the Home Feed and click "Resorts" to see the different options available.


3. This will open a new tab for the Dream Vacation website. You'll see a place to enter your certificate number and security code.


4. Go back to your RVillage account, copy the certificate number and paste it into the certificate number box on the Dream Vacation website.



5. Go to your RVillage account, copy the security code and paste it into the security code box on the Dream Vacation website.



6. Fill out the info needed to create your free profile on the Dream Vacation website and click "Save".


7. You will now see some options for choosing when and where you want to see vacation offers to take advantage of.

Click on a month you want to see results for. We'll use October for this example.

Then click up to 6 different locations you want to see results for. We'll choose one location in the USA, and one location in Canada for this example. 


8. Once you've chosen a month and up to 6 locations, click "Search".


9. You will now see a list of results within the parameters you've chosen. You can see and click on....
-The number of resorts found and a way to navigate to the different pages that list your results
-Ways to sort your results
-The name of the resort and the price per night (not per person)
-Resort details & photos for a more detailed description of the accommodations available at that destination and location 
-A "Book It" button so you can book the one you like best

Once you've chosen the trip you'd like to book, complete the reservation following the prompts given. 


Add An Additional Certificate

1. Log into your Dream Vacation profile using the email address & password you used to create your profile.


2. Click "Add Certificate".


3. Copy and paste the certificate number and security code the other member supplied into the corresponding boxes. Click "Save".


4. You will now see your already existing certificate. if you've booked your trip using that one, it will not have "Redeem" next to it. 

And you will also see the new certificate you just added. Click "Redeem" next to that certificate and go through the above steps to book your trip for that certificate. 


If you need additional support to redeem your certificate, you can call Dream Vacation at 877-819-2378 to reach their customer support department. 

Now that you know how to redeem your certificate & book your Dream Vacation, click HERE to get started!


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