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Tagging your friends allows you to notify them about a post or photo you shared or commented on. Please note that only friends can be tagged, so if you want to tag someone, invite them to be your friend.

There are 2 ways to tag your friends....

1. Log into your account and then use the "Add People" button.

  • Type your message into the box that says "Post Something".
  • Click on the "Add People" button.
  • Begin typing the name of the friend you want to tag.
  • When your friend's name appears, click on it.
  • Add a photo or link if desired and click "Share" to share your post.


  • Once your post is shared you will see your friend's name at the end of your comment. They will receive a notification that they were tagged in your post. 


2. Using the "@" symbol

  • Simply type the '@' symbol in the "Post Something" box within your message and begin typing your friend's name with no space after the @. (Once you share your post you will no longer see the @ symbol.)
  • When your friend's name appears, click on it.
  • Type the rest of your post, add a photo or link if desired, and click "Share" to share your post. 


Now that you know how to tag a friend, head over to the Home Feed to give it a try by clicking HERE.

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