Group Officers - Desktop (Legacy Site)

If using Mobile Web (not the App), click HERE.

If using the App, click HERE.

A group officer can help the group owner invite new members, moderate the forum and create engagement with all of the members.

Here's how to make someone an officer...

1. Log into your account and click "Groups" in the green bar across the top of the site and select "Groups I Manage"


2. Select the group you want to add an officer to.

3. Click "Manage Members" on the left-hand side.

4. Type in the name of the member you want to make an officer and hit enter.

5. You will now see all of the members who match your search.

6. Click "Make Officer" beside the member you want to promote to an officer.


7.  Click on "Promote Member" 


  • now see that the member has been made an officer and that you have the option to edit his/her title. Simply click on the "edit" pencil.


9. You will now see the new title beside the member's name. You can also demote or remove the member at any time if the need arises. 


Now that you know how to promote someone to an officer, maybe you should create a group of your own by clicking HERE

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