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A complete profile lets other members know you're a real person, and it helps you connect with RVillagers more easily. Here's how to edit your "About Me" tab...

1. Log into your account at www.rvillage.com.

2. Click the profile pic icon in the green bar across the top of the site and select "Edit My Profile".


3. You will be in your "About Me" tab by default. You can add as little or as much info about yourself as you'd like as long as it's not personally identifiable (such as your email address, home address, phone number, etc). Click on the "Edit About Me" tab.


  • Choose which type of RVing applies to you.
  • Select your age range. You can choose more than one if you have a significant other.
  • Tell everyone a little bit about yourself. It can be short & sweet or a few paragraphs. Please do not include any identifiable information like your home address, phone numbers, email address, etc.


  • List your current mission to Help Villagers find their way!
  • Another REALLY important section is your interests. Be sure to select all that apply. You can use these selections later to find other members who share that interest.
  • If you don't see your interest on the list, add it to the "Other Interests" box by typing in the interest followed by a comma.


  • Select all of the clubs you belong to. This is an important one because you'll want to find all the other members of your clubs on the site.


  • List your current travel plans. If you won't be traveling anytime soon, you can put something like "Waiting for Spring to hit the road".


  • You can list your current and/or past occupations.
  • You can check which branch of the military you serve/served in.
  • Tell us if you have kids, select "yes" or "no" (use the drop-down arrows).
  • If you have pets, select "yes " or "no" (use the drop-down arrows).
  • Tell us about your kids and pets in the box provided.


  • Add your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and Pinterest URL link.


  • Click on "Save Changes".


Now that you know how to edit your "About Me" tab, you can head over to the site and edit your info by clicking HERE.


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