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Let's face it, we all know how to get local customers through print advertising and by word of mouth. But what about the traveling economy? What about the thousands of people that come through your area who are in need of local services while away from home?
There are 27 million registered RV owners in the US and growing who need to find new services every time they travel. These RVers spend over 40 billion dollars a year on services as they travel to towns like yours. How will they find what they need?
RVers are constantly looking for RV repair centers, restaurants, pet grooming facilities, medical services and shopping facilities, just to name a few. Reaching these mobile customers has always been a challenge. They are only in town for a short time and they're eager to explore all that your community has to offer them while they are there. This makes traditional advertising....well...ineffective.
Introducing RVillage! The fastest growing online community for RVers. RVillage is a social network that not only connects RVers to each other but also to the world around them. Including local businesses like yours. In RVillage, members add and recommend merchants in our marketplace feature and they have the ability to share their great finds with the whole community throughout the site. They use RVillage to find the facilities they need while on the road and your business could one of them. 
Your business will always find a new audience that needs your services on RVillage.
Make the most of your advertising budget and have the RVing community come to you by advertising directly to your target audience on RVillage.
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