How To Claim and Promote Your Park - Desktop (Legacy Site)

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If you own or manage an RV park, then RVillage is the best place to promote it. And it's super easy. Here's how...

1.  Create an account for your park.
If you already have an RVillage account for personal use, you need to create a new account specifically for your park's management team.
Head to our landing page: Click "Get Started" and fill out the form for your new account. Choose the Park Owner option in the "Who are you" drop down and use
"[Your Park Name] Management" for your display name. 

2. Find your Park Feed page. 
Once you have created a profile and are logged in, you will need to find your park page. The simplest way is by Setting Your Location.

Click the blue "Update Your Location" button on the left-hand side of the page.
Begin typing in your city & sate. When it appears, click on it.
Begin typing in your Park's name. When it appears, click on it.
Highlight and backspace over your "Here Until" date since you will not be checking out of your park.
Click "Check in".

You will now see your Park's Name next to "Your Current Location". Click on it to be taken to your park's feed page.                                                  


3.  Claim Your Park.
Once you are looking at your park’s feed page, look at the top of the page for the "Claim It" button. Click "Claim It", fill out the form, and submit it. Our staff will assign the park to your management account so you can manage your park, edit the park's info, promote your park through advertising, and create coupons using our Charter Park program.rv_12_png__315_105_.png  

4.  Become An RVerified Park.
Now that you've claimed your park, take it to the next level and really leverage the site to reach your target audience by becoming an RVerified Park.

Simply click the "Create Promotions" and follow the prompts. 




5. Personal Assistance
We have trained professionals that can walk you through claiming your park and becoming an RVerified Park. Give us a call at 888-238-6709, ext 1. 

Things to remember.

  • You or your staff should use your Park Feed page to communicate with your guests on a regular basis. 
  • You or your staff can contact our sales team for support by calling 1-888-238-6709

  • You or your staff can (and we encourage you to) download and print materials to give your guests HERE.


Thanks so much for claiming your park and becoming an RVerified! We're so happy you're part of our community.  

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