Finding Recommendations By User - Desktop

This feature is not available on Mobile Web or in the App.

If you want to find a particular user's recommendations here's how...

1) Log into your account and click "Search" located in the middle of the black bar across the top.

2) Enter the users name your looking for in the search box. Then select "Members" from the drop-down menu and click Search.

3) Find and click on the display name of the person you're looking for.

4) This will take you to that member's profile page. Click on the "Businesses Recommended" button on the left-hand side of their profile. 

5) This will bring up the list of businesses that person recommends. You can either click on the business name or click on the number of recommendations to read the review they have left.

Now that you know how to find recommendations for a specific member, you can give it a try by clicking HERE.

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