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In order to connect with others around you, you need to set your location. You set your location by “checking in” to an RV park, campground or geographic place (city, state).

  1. After logging in, click the green box with the RVillage pin to open the "Change Location" window.

  2. Type name of the city or town you are located in and choose the correct location from the dropdown menu.


    If you are in a park or campground, type the name of the park and select it from the list.


    Select a date from the calendar if you know how long you are staying in that location.


    Click "Check In".


  3. If you are traveling between locations, skip step 2 and instead check the box that says: "I am on the Road" Your location will be visible only to you, not to other members. Please note that selecting this option takes you off of the explore map and will make it harder for other members to invite you to local events or be able to connect with you.


  4. If your park does not appear in the search box, click "Advanced Park Search" for a list of all parks in a specified area. 


    Type in any info you have about the park you're trying to find (name, city, state, or zip). Once the correct park appears, click on it to set that as the park you're in. 

    If your park still can't be found, it may not be in our database. Simply click "Here" in the "Don't see your park?" message and request to have it added. Our Park Admin will get it added to our database and send you a message on the site to let you know it's been added so you can check in.


 Now that you know how to change your Location, click HERE to connect with others around you!



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