What Is RVillage? - Mobile

RVillage is a community of RVers, RV dreamers, van dwellers, and other nomadic people who connect with each other, not just online, but also right in the towns they pass through, and the RV parks, campgrounds, and boondocking spots where they’re staying. It is the fastest growing free social network for nomads where members gather information, find activities, and connect with friends on their journeys.


When RVillagers check-in to a location in RVillage, they find others with shared interests nearby. Whether they prefer a handheld device, a desktop, or tablet, RVillagers can get notified when someone new arrives in the area, talk with people in conversation feeds and private messaging, and join any of the thousands of crowd-sourced groups. RVillage also features shared mapping tools that help users keep track of friends as they move about and event scheduling tools to help them plan future get-togethers.


With RVillage, an RV park full of strangers becomes a village full of friends.


Not sure where to start? Check out our Welcome Letter from The RVillager for some great tips.

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