Groups I Manage - Desktop

If using Mobile Web (not the App), click HERE.

If using the App, click HERE.

Once you have created a group, you have a lot of options and ways to edit it.

1. First log into your account. Then click on "Groups" in the black bar across the top and select "Groups I Manage".

2. Select the group that you want to edit or click on "Edit Group". (note, you can also delete your group from this page as well. But please make sure to remove all the members who are part of the group first.)

3. Now you are on your Group Home page. You can do many things here. (see pic below as each letter corresponds to a section in that pic) 

A. Click the "Reposition" Button to move your group cover pic to the desired place & click "Save Cover".

B. Here you can invite members, share your group on the Home Feed, edit your group details, manage members, create and manage announcements, and (if you absolutely must) delete your group.

C. Use this section to decide what notifications you will receive for your group.

D. The large icons allow you to go from one part of your group to the other. You can click on "Group Home" to go to your group home page, click on "Group Forum" to go to your group's forum, click on "Group Map" to see where all of the group members are located and click on "Get-Togethers" to see any get-togethers that were created and associated with your group. You can also create a Get Together or view past Get-Togethers from this page.

E. You can make a post to your group in the "Post Something" box and add a link or photo.

F. If you want to find something in particular on your Group Home page, use the magnifying glass icon. Just click on the magnifying glass, enter the keyword you're looking for, use the drop-down menu to refine your search to either posts, comments or members and click "Search".

Now that you know how to manage your group, click HERE to start managing it!


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