Sending Friends Requests To Other Members - Mobile

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There are a couple different ways to send RVillage members a Friend Request on RVillage. We'll start with the easiest way.

Anywhere on the site, you can click on a member's Username.

When their profile appears, simply click "Add Friend", then click "Send Request".

If you know the username of the RVillage member you want to add as a friend, here's how to do it...

Click the "Little Man" at the top of the site, then click "Search".


Type the Username you would like to search for in the space provided, and click the "Down Arrow" next to "Everything".

Select "Members" in the drop down menu, then click the "X" to close the menu and click "Search".

When your search results appear, click on the Member's Username, then click "Add Friend".


Click "Add Friend". When your request has been sent successfully, you will see "Friend Request Pending".


Now that you know how, head over to the site and find some new friends by clicking HERE.

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