How To Make A Post - Mobile

If using Desktop, click HERE.

If using the App, click HERE.

To make a post on the Home Feed...

Log into your account, go to the "Home" page and click inside the "Post Something" box right under "What's New".

Write the comment or question you want to post & click "Share"


Add a photo by clicking on "Add Photo".

Click "Upload".

Click "Take Photo Or Video" to take a new photo, or click "Photo Library" to choose a photo that is already on your device. If you want to add more than one photo, simply click on "Upload" again and add another photo. You can do this until you have all the photos you'd like to include in your post added. 

You can click "Abort" if you change your mind about uploading the photo before it is done loading.

When you are done, click "Share".

You can also add a link to your post if you would like.

Click "Add Link".

Either type or paste the link you would like to use in the space provided, then click "Attach".

If you would like an image to appear with your link, click "Next" until you see the image you would like to include, or click the check box next to "Don't Show An Image" if you choose not to use one. When you are finished, click "Share".

Now that you know how to make a post, give it a try by clicking HERE

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