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If using Mobile Web (not the App), click HERE.

If using the App, click HERE.

Browsing Blogs on RVillage is fun and simple. Here's how...

Hover over "Blogs" in the black bar across the top of the site.

Click "Browse Blogs".

Scroll down to view the latest blog postings. When you see one that looks interesting, click on the blog title or "View More" to see the entire blog.

At the bottom of the blog post, you will see options to share the blog to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or the RVillage Home Feed. 

You can also Like the post, add a comment, and reply to or like any comments that have been posted.

On the left hand side of the site, you will also see options to View all Entries that have been written by this member, Share the blog post, Report the post, and Subscribe to this member's blog posts.


Now that you know how to browse blogs, click HERE to see the blogs you've been missing!


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