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The Photos Icon on your Profile page allows you to create, manage, and add to photo albums. Here's how it works...

1. Log into your account.

2. Click the "little man/profile pic" icon in the green bar across the top of the site and select "View My Profile"


3. Click the "Photos" icon.


4. You will now see all of your photo albums and the "Manage Photos" option. Choosing "Manage Photos" will allow you to choose which album you want to edit, or, you can do the same thing by clicking on the actual album you want to edit.


5. Now that the album is open, you can see the options across the top that you can use to manage that album. You will also see tabs that you can use to navigate to other albums or photos.


6. Click the down arrow by the gear to open the settings options. Here you can delete the album, get a link for the album so you can share it in emails or within your social media outlets, and you can edit the location for the album.


7. Back on the photo album page, click the "Edit" button.


8. Here you can edit the following info...

  • Album title
  • The category of the album
  • The album description
  • Set the privacy to either "Everyone", "Friends Only", or "Just Me"
  • Set the comment privacy to either "Everyone", "Friends Only", or "Just Me"
  • Set the tagging privacy to either "Everyone", "Friends Only", or "Just Me"

When you have all the settings for the album the way you'd like them, click "Save Changes"


9. Back on the photo album page, click "Share On Homefeed".


10. A pop-up will appear where you can add a personal message about the album, and then click "Share". The album will be shared on the Home Feed.


11. Back on the photo album page, click "Manage Photos".


12. Here, you can add a caption to each photo in the album. You can also delete the individual photo from the album, make the photo the photo album cover by clicking the star icon, or change the date for that particular photo by clicking the click icon.

While on this page, you can also add new photos to the photo album by clicking the green “+ ADD NEW PHOTOS” button at the top.


13. If you decide to add more photos by clicking the green “+ ADD NEW PHOTOS” button, you can decide which album to upload the photos to under “Choose Album” and how the photos you're going to add to this album are dated using the options below "Choose Date For Photos".

Once you’ve chosen the album and chosen how to date the album, click "Add Photos" and choose the photos from your computer.


14. Once the photos have finished uploading, you can add a title to the photo, and then click "Save Photos".


That's it! Now that you know how to manage your Photos Icon area on your profile, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.


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