My Blogs - Desktop (Legacy Site)

If using Mobile Web (not the App), click HERE.

If using the App, click HERE.

Here is how you view, edit and delete your Blogs:

1) Log into your account and click on "Blogs" in the green bar that goes across the top of the site and select "My Blogs".




2) This will bring up all of your blogs listed in the center.  You can click on the title of the blog to view it in full as well as edit or delete an entry.




4) In the Edit Entry window you can edit the title, keywords and tags that people would use to search for blog topics, and the main body of your blog.  You can also adjust the privacy settings (as in who can see it) as well as comment privacy.  When you're done click the Save Changes at the bottom.  




5) You can also delete your Blog by clicking the Delete Entry button located on the right of each blog


Now that you know how to view and manage your blog, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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