How To Create A Group - Mobile

If using Desktop, click HERE.

If using the App, click HERE.

Anyone can start a group and it's really easy. Here's how...

Log into your account and click the Green Dropdown Menu icon and then click on “Groups” and select “Create New Group”. This will bring up the Create New Group page.

  • Give your group a name
  • Add a brief description of what your group is about
  • Include your email address to properly receive notifications about your group
  • If you have a blogsite or website about the activity in this group, include it as well
  • Choose a "Group Thumbnail" photo. This will be used as the thumbnail pic others will see beside your group's name when searching for a group to join
  • Choose a "Group Background" photo. This will be used as the cover photo for your group's Home Page.

Next, you have some decisions to make.

  • Decide which category your group should be in
  • Decide whether or not you want others to find you using the search function
  • Decide if you want your group's posts visible on the Home Feed
  • Decide whether or not you want members to be able to invite others
  • Decide if you want to allow other to join your group right away, or if they have to be approved first
  • Decide if you want to receive notifications when new members join your group
  • Decide if you want a forum section in your group and if you want the forum section to be one you already have or if you want to use the one that is built into the site
  • Decide how you want your privacy settings. If you choose "Everyone", then members and non-members of the site can view your group's content. If you choose "Registered Members", then only members of the site can view your group's content. If you choose "Only Group Members", then only those who have joined your group can view your group's content.
  • Decide who can make comments on your group wall
  • Decide who can add photos in your group
  • Decide who can create get-togethers in your group
  • And finally, click "Save Changes"

Now that you know how to create a group, click HERE to create your own group. 

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