How To Get GOLD - Mobile

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Upgrading your account to GOLD is really easy and not only helps support RVillage but also gives you a lot of perks and privileges for really amazing RV-related products and services for only $19.99 per year.  You also receive a FREE garden Flag when you sign up! Here's how you do it:


1. Log into your account, click on the three bars in the top left corner, and click "GOLD" on the menu bar that appears.


2. Read all the benefits of getting GOLD and click "UPGRADE NOW" to sign up for a $19.99 annual membership.



3. Click on "Sign Up". 


4. On the Checkout page, click on the credit card icons to be taken to the final steps. Note: If you receiving a message after clicking on "Sign Up" asking you if you'd like to allow a pop-up, click on "Allow". 


5. Enter the billing address for your debit or credit card and then click 'Payment Info'.


Enter your credit or debit card information and click "Pay $19.99".



Now that you've finalized your order you can click GOLD in the menu bar to see all of the perks and coupons that are available. Check back often, as we are continuing to add more perks and deals.


You will see a small Gold pin next to your name letting everyone know you support RVillage. You will also be sent an invitation to the "Gold Level Members" group. Simply click on the notification you receive in your Notification Bell, then click either "Accept Membership Request" or "Ignore Membership Request" on the left-hand side of the group's page.


Now that you know how to get GOLD, click HERE to get yours today!

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