How To Edit My Account Info - Mobile

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Having a completed & polished profile makes it easier for members with similar lifestyles and interests to connect with you. Here's how to make sure your profile is looking it's best...

1. Log into your account. 

2. Click "Profile".


3. Select "Edit My Profile".


4. Click "Account".


Here, you can do the following...

  • Change "who you are" using the drop-down menu to either "Individual, Couple, Family, Business, Park Owner/Manager".
  • Change your Display Name.
  • Change your email address. 
  • Here's the fun part! You can choose what your personalized URL address for your RVillage account will be. It can be your name, something you enjoy doing, anything that's not already taken by another member. If you see the green arrow, you will know it's available. In the example below, the personalized URL address would be "". You can share your profile URL with all of your friends. :-)
  • Click "Save Changes".


Now that you know how to find and edit information on your account, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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