Finding and Adding Friends by Interests - Desktop

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Finding friends based on a common interest is super easy. Here's how....

Before you can connect with people by your interests you need to add interests to your profile.  To add your interests to your profile, click HERE.

1. Log into your account and click the "little man" icon in the black bar across the top of the site and select "View My Profile".

2. Click on the "About Me" icon beneath your profile picture and information.


3. Scroll down until you see a list of all of your interests. You can click on any of these interests to see other RVillagers with those same interests. For this example, I'll click on "Boating".


4. You will now see a list of everyone who is also interested in the same thing you're interested in. In this case, there are 5,730 members who also enjoy boating.

You can arrange the results "alphabetically" or by "most recent" by clicking on "Arrange Results"

You can change how you view the results by clicking either "List View" or Map View".

Click on the member's name to add them as a friend.

5. When you click "Map View", you will see the locations of all the members represented by pins on a map. You can then click on the pins to see the members info, click on their name to go to their profile and add them as a friend.

6. You can also use the "Advance Member Search" to narrow your search even further using filters for things like age, type of rig AND and interest. To learn how click HERE


Now that you know how to find and friend members who are interested in the same things you are, head over to the site and find some new friends by clicking HERE

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