Targeted Advertising Summary - Desktop

Creating/Managing/Editing an ad is only available on desktop, laptop or tablet devices. 

Targeted advertising lets you advertise to specific audiences on RVillage. You can target in a number of ways:

 - Location Specific 

 - Rig Type (Class A, Class B, 5th Wheel, etc.)

 - Individual, Couple or Family

 - Age Range

 - Employment Status (working, semi-retired, retired)

 - RVing Frequency (Full-time, Part-Time, Not Yet, etc.)

 - Interests (ATV, Photography, BBQ, etc.)

Targeting is useful for only advertising to people who are likely to click on your ad. This means that your ad is not shown to people unlikely to click on your ad. See below for a detailed description of how to target.

Only select items from categories that you care about, otherwise leave the category alone. For example, if retired people are more interested in your product but it doesn't matter where they are located, then select retired, so the ad will be shown to all members who have stated that they are retired, and don't select the checkbox for any state. 

Important Note***


Location Specific:


State-based advanced targeting enables you to target your ad to users of specific states. Select the states, to which you want your ad to be targeted. This is useful if you are advertising something in a physical location rather than something that can be shipped. Another reason to specify a location is if you are advertising something that people in certain areas don't need; no need to show your ad for tire chains to people in Florida or your ad for umbrellas to people in Arizona.


Target by state

Rig Type:

Rig Type based targeting enables you to target your ad to users with a specific rig type. This is useful if what you're advertising is something that only people with a specific rig type would be interested in, like specific parts or clubs. Select the rig type, to which you want your ad to be targeted. 

Target by Rig Type 

Refine Targeting:

You can further refine the targeting of your ad for users using the below fields:

Individual, Couple or Family:

 Individual, Couple, or Family


By age:

Target by age


By Employment Status:

Target by employment status


By Interest:

 Target by interests


After you've filled out everything you want you'll see the potential targeted reach at the bottom of your screen. You can adjust your parameters to include more potential reach by unselecting or selecting the variables above.


Targeting summary

Now that you know how to create an ad, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE


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