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There are many places to visit & lots to do in the App, and the main menu is how you access all the fun.

As soon as you log into your RVillage App, you will be on the Main Menu by default. 

Here you can...

  • Click the Home Page button to go to the Home feed where our members share all kinds of content, pics and questions. 

  • Click the Search button to find other members, suggested friends, gatherings, and search the site for many different things using keywords.

  • Click Profile to view, edit, and manage your profile settings.

  • Click Groups to find the groups you've joined or manage, to create a new group, or browse all of the groups available.

  • Click Discover to find blogs, RV park deals, info on a Gold level membership, and much more.


If you click a button by accident, you can click Main Menu to be taken back to the Main Menu.


If you'd like to view the original version of the main menu, you can do so by clicking the three white lines in the upper left-hand corner.


From here you can then choose from all the options to navigate to other parts of the App.

Now that you know how to access the Main Menu, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE


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