Advertising Overview - Desktop

Creating/Managing/Editing an ad is only available on desktop, laptop or tablet devices. 

How RVillage Ads Work

RVillage provides a different advertising experience from other online advertising platforms because of its concentrated audience of RVers and RVer wannabes. You can not only put your business, product or service in front of RVers, but you can also target their specific interests and schedule your advertisement to start and end whenever you choose.
Measuring Results 
With RVillage measurement tools, you get almost instant insight into how your ads perform. When you understand and compare your ad results, you can find ways to improve them for even more impact.  
Creating An Ad
The ad creation tool helps you create an ad easily. It's as simple as filling in some text and uploading an image. You can also create and upload your own custom image to further customize your ad.
Now that you've got a quick overview, check out more specific tutorials HERE.
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