How To Pick The Right Ad Package - Desktop

Creating/Managing/Editing an ad is only available on desktop, laptop or tablet devices. 

What makes for the right Ad Package?

It all depend on where you want your ad to appear on the site and who you want to see it. So choosing the right ad package should be pretty easy as long as you understand your options. Let's go over them.


Your first decision is going to be where your ad will be placed.

Home Feed Ads 
If you choose this option, your ad will randomly appear within the Home Feed where all of our members make posts, share photos and participate in conversations with each other.

Side Banner Ads
If you choose this option, your ad will randomly appear on the right-hand side of the page for all areas on the site.


Your second decision will be the type of ad package to best suit your needs.


Whether you choose Home Feed Ads or Side Banner Ads, you have 2 choices...

Pay For Days: Your ad will run for as many days as the package you chose designates. 

Pay For Views: Your ad will run until it has been viewed by as many members as the package you chose designates. 


Your third decision will be which package you'd like. This will determine the number of views or duration of your ad.

If you chose to run a "Pay For Days" ad, you can choose either a 30-day package or a 90-day package. You make your choice by clicking on "Start Designing" to the right of the package you'd like to use. 

If you chose to run a "Pay For Views" ad, you can choose either 10K, 25K, or 50K views. You make your choice by clicking on "Start Designing" to the right of the package you'd like to use. 


Here are a few things to consider when making your choices about your ad.

Targeted Ads

Targeted ads can put your ad in front of a more specific audience on RVillage. For instance, if you have a physical location and only want to advertise to people in your state (or if you're on the border, more than one state), then targeting is the way to go. If you want to only reach members that are retired or members who have kids, then targeting is for you. These are just a few examples of how to get the most out of a targeted ad. Here are some pros and cons about Targeted Ads.


- Only shown to those who would be interested in your advertisement so they are more likely to click (higher CTR)

- If you have a physical location, your ad can be shown to only members in your state or neighboring states 

- Shown to members more invested in RVillage because they filled out their profile 

- Good use of advertising dollars because you know it's going to the right people 


- Not shown to as many members as general advertising

- Length of advertising campaign is variable based on how narrow of a focus your targeting is


Duration Ads

Duration advertising is shown to everyone on the site. The benefit is a wide spread of who gets to see your ad. This ad package is most useful if all you care about is your ad being shown to RVers and those who are interested in RVing. This is not great if you have a location where members have to go, or something that only retired members would be interested in, or only those who have 5th wheels, or only full-time RVers.


- Ad is shown to the majority of RVillage members

- Great for online sellers who want to reach RVers of every sort 

- Known date range of ad runtime so monthly budgeting is easy


- Location-based services will be shown to members even on the other side of the country 

By Views

Advertising by views is pretty self-explanatory. Your ad will only appear on the site only until the number of views you choose has run out. There's really no pros or cons about this choice. It's really just a matter of how many members you want your ad to reach.  


After choosing the package that best fits your advertising needs, it's time to design your Ad. See how to do that here.

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