How To Create An Ad - Desktop

Creating/Managing/Editing an ad is only available on desktop, laptop or tablet devices. 

How to create an ad

Click the "little man" icon in the black bar across the top of the site and select "Ad Manager"

Click "Create An Ad" on the left-hand side of the screen

Use the drop-down menus to decide where you want your Ad to appear.

  • Home Feed Ads: Your ad will randomly appear within the Home Feed where all of our members make posts, share photos and participate in conversations with each other.
  • Park Feed Ads: Your ad will appear in up to three park feeds of your choosing.
  • Side Banner Ads: Your ad will randomly appear on the right-hand side of the page for all areas on the site.

Once you've made that decision, another drop-down menu will appear. Use this to determine the type of ad you want to run.

  • Pay For Days: Your ad will run for as many days as the package you chose designates. 
  • Pay For Views: Your ad will run until it has been viewed by as many members as the package you chose designates. 

Next, select either "Pay Before Designing", or "Start Designing" beside the ad package you want to run.

If you selected "Pay Before Designing", enter any coupon codes you would like to use in the space provided, then click "Check out with PayPal" or the credit card button to complete your payment.

Design your ad by completing all areas of the "Design Your Ad" section and click "Continue". 

Make decisions about targeting for your ad. This is an option and is not required. This option should be used if your business operates or provides service to only a specific area. Or, if you want your ad to reach only a specific set of members (by interest, by age, etc...). To see in-depth info on using the 'targeting" function for your ads, click HERE.

Decide when you want your ad to start running.

Review your ad to see if everything is correct and looks the way you'd like it to look and if you haven't done so yet, make payment.

Here are some more in-depth tips for creating your ad

Make a Campaign:

A campaign is a collection of ads that makes it easy to compare and improve results when creating future ads. It's important to make sure you name your campaign in a way that conveys exactly what the campaign is about. This is especially important if you're going to have multiple campaigns, like one for advertising your blog and another for a store and another for a service you provide. If you already have a campaign created, and want to add more ads to it, just select the campaign from the drop-down menu that you want to add to.

Create a Campaign

Where does your Ad go when it's clicked:

Your ad will direct people to the URL you enter in the "Your URL" box. Simply copy the URL address you want to use and paste it into the "Your URL" box. People will be directed to that URL when they click on your ad. You can use the same URL for more than one ad. So if you want to send people to a blog post that you want to boost, or to an item that's on sale in your store, you can do that.

Keep in mind that when a user is viewing your ad, they will not see the URL of your site. They will only be able to see the title, image, and ad text.

Put in your URL

If you are advertising a Group, Get Together, or Blog that you own, then this will be filled out for you. Just select the Group, Get Together, or Blog you own that you want to advertise and it will fill out the rest for you. Make sure to select the correct package for what you want to advertise. 

Tips for writing text/content:

- When writing your content, keep in mind the reason someone viewing the ad would want to click it, rather than why you want them to click it
- Keep your message short and to the point, you don't need to use all of the characters provided, that's just a maximum
- Make it clear what you're advertising so that people aren't surprised when they get to the linked URL
- Check for typos and misspellings, they make an ad look sloppy and untrustworthy 
- Keep your language casual rather than formal
- Read what you wrote out loud and if it sounds like a used car salesman, try again
- Look at your ad and decide if you would click it if the ad was someone else's.

Choosing the Image for your ad:

Choosing the right image for your ad will increase its visual appeal. Your image may be the logo of your business or something that conveys the message of your ad campaign. Remember that the image is going to be small, so it's important to have everything easy to see when small. Images will be automatically resized to fit, so look at the preview to make sure you're happy with how your image looks before moving onto the next step. The ideal image size is 120px wide by 90px tall.

Acceptable image file formats are png, jpg, jpeg, and gif. If you have an image that is another file format, you can use a website that converts your file format to one that we can use. A quick search for "convert to png" turned up this option for converting whatever file you have to a png. Files need to be under 2MB to be uploaded, so make sure your image is the correct size before uploading.

Now that you know how to create an ad, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE

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