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If using Mobile Web (not the App), click HERE.

If using the App, click HERE.

Please Note: When you delete your account all information associated with it will be lost (e.g., groups, friends, photos, etc) Rather than deleting your account, you may want to manage your notification settings so that you no longer receive notifications from the site, but keep your account active. You can learn how to manage your General Email Notifications here....

Desktop: HERE

Mobile: HERE

App:  HERE

If you still feel you need to delete your account, please know that we're really going to miss you around here. We understand that life is full of changes so here's how to delete your account...

1. If you own any groups you will need to contact us at  to request that your group is transferred to another member. Please includes the exact name of your group and the exact display name of the member that you want the group to be transferred to. We will transfer the group to its new owner for you and let you know it's been completed. Once you receive that email, proceed to step #2.

2. Log into your account at


3. Click the "profile" icon in the green bar across the top of the site and select "View My Profile".


4. On the left-hand side of the page, click "Delete My Account"


5. Fill in the reason you would like your account deleted and click "Send Request".


Thank you so much for participating on the site! We wish you all the best. Click HERE to be taken to our Home Page.

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