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Tagging your friends allows you to notify them about a post or photo you shared or commented on. Please note that only friends can be tagged, so if you want to tag someone, invite them to be your friend.

Log into your account and click "Home Page"


When you're making a post, click on "Add People".

This will bring up a list of your friends. To choose people from this list, click "Tag Friend" under the user name of the person you want to tag.

If you don't see the friend you want to tag, you can click "Next" to see more of your friends, or you can search for a particular friend by typing their name in the box under "Enter the user name".

Then click "Search".

When their name pops up, click "Tag Friend".

Once you have added everyone you want to notify of your post, click "Share".

Your post will appear like this, and your tagged friend will receive a notification!

You can also tag friends using "@" in a post or comment. Here's how:

To add a tag in a comment for a post you would like your friend to see, click "Comment".

Type "@", and the beginning of your friend's RVillage Screen Name. When your friend's name appears, click on it.

Finish typing your comment, then click "Post Comment".

When your comment appears, notice your tagged friend's name appears as a clickable link.

Now that you know how to tag a friend, head over to the Home Feed to give it a try by clicking HERE.

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