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You may be having so much fun in your travels that you just forgot to check in and now you realize it's not on your "My Places" map and you want to add it. Or maybe you checked into a location and realize it was the wrong place. No problem. Managing your "My Places" map is easy. Here's how...

Adding A Location

Adding locations to your "My Places" map is as easy as checking into a location. You check into a location by “checking in” to an RV park, campground or geographic place (city, state) using the "Change Location" button.

Click the "Three White Lines" at the top of the site.

Click "My profile".


Click "My Places".


Click "Add Place".


Fill out all the information, including your start date and end date. When you're finished,

click "Add New Place".


Your newly added location will now be visible on your "My Places" Map.



Now that you know how to add locations to your "My Places" map, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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