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Finding a great group is easy and will connect you with other like-minded members. Here's how you find a group....

Log into your account

Click on "Groups"


Click on "FIND A GROUP".


Here, you can find groups in a couple ways. 

-You can use the Advance Search to find a group about a specific topic.

  • You can choose a category in the "Browse Category" drop-down and select a category. As soon as that selection is made you will see the groups within that category appear below in the "Group Directory".
  • You can also narrow your search even further by typing a keyword into the "Search For A Group" box and clicking on the magnifying glass. Again, you will see the groups appear below in the "Group Directory".


-You can also scroll through the list of groups in the "Group Directory" and click on the name of the group you want to join.

  • Click on "Arrange Results to specify how you want to see all the groups on the site. 
  • You can use the numbers or "next" button to see the next page of the group list.

Once you've clicked on the name of the group you want to join you will be taken to that group's page.

If the owner of the group allows members to join immediately, you can click the down arrow beside "Group Home" and select "Join Group". You will immediately be able to read and make posts within the group.

If the owner of the group requires you to request membership to the group, click "Request Membership". Once the owner of the group approves your membership request you will be able to read and make posts in that group. 

Now that you know how to browse groups, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.


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