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You can find content on RVillage by using the "Search" function. You can look for members, groups, get-togethers, RV parks, members that have the same interests as you, and more! 

Here's how to use "Search"...

  1. Locate the "Search" function in the main menu.


  2. Click on the arrow next to "Search" and it will bring up a sub-menu that will give you an option to select "Search for Members" or "Search the Site". 

  3. To search for others on RVillage, click on "Search for Members" and you'll be taken to the following screen:


    You can search for RVillage members by their RVillage profile "Name" or "Email" address. Enter the profile "Name" or "Email" address. You can also choose to check "Only Members With Photos" and/or "Only Online Members". After you have made your selections, click "Search".

    You can search with filters. To filter your search, click on the arrows and select the category (e.g., age(s), employment status, etc.) in which you want to filter your search. Then click "Search".


    After you enter a selection, you will get a list of RVillage members that fit your search criteria. For example, here is the list that comes up when entering a filtered search for "Do you have pets". 


    And if you click on "Map View", you can see where the members in your search are currently located. This is a great way to find RVillagers near you with a common interest.


  4. To search for RV parks, group, and more, "Search the Site" and you'll be taken to the following screen:

    Enter something in the search field, choose a category, and click search. A list will come up if you enter a general word/s or the item you're looking for will come if it's in the system. For example, type "State Park" in the "Search" field and choose "RV parks" as the category. When you click "Search", a list of all state parks on the RVillage site will appear.


    You can click on "Map View" to see where the state parks are located on the map. 


  5. If a business or RV park you're searching for in RVillage doesn't appear in your search results, please add the business or RV park by clicking here and following the instructions.

Now that you know how to search for content on the Home Feed, head over to the site to give it a try by clicking HERE



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