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We're challenging RVillagers to take photos "On the Road".

We want to help you document and tell your RV travel stories. We want to hear all about your travels. We want to see things through your eyes. The RVillage Photo Challenge is all about getting out of the daily grind, getting outside, having fun, and telling your travel stories. It doesn't matter what type of photography skills you have. What matters is your story... and we want to hear and see it.

We'll be sharing a monthly theme for the challenge.

Here's how the RVillage Photo Challenge works:

  • The photo challenge has a main theme for each month.

  • Take a bunch of pictures of the theme (using the weekly prompts to guide you).

  • Upload your favorite(s) each week to the RVillage Home Feed (don't forget to tell the story behind the photo). To do this...

    1) Log into your account.

    2) Click inside the "Post Something" box.RVillage_-_RV_Home_Page.png
    3) Type your message about the photo you want to submit to the challenge. Don't forget to add the hashtag #rvillagephotochallenge so other RVillagers can find it.

    4) Click the "Add Image" icon. It looks like a small photo of a mountain.

    5) The "Upload (Drag & Drop Files)" box will open. Click on Upload and select the photo you want to use.

    6) Click "Share" once the photo has finished loading. 

    7) You will now see your post on the Home Feed. If you want to see all the entries for the challenge, click on the hashtagged phrase.

  • Add likes and comments on others' photos to provide encouragement.

    Each week we'll pick our favorites and add them to the blog post HERE.


Q: Do I have to be skilled in photography to participate?
A: Of course not. The goal of this challenge is to help you tell your travel stories through photos. RVillagers with all levels of photography are welcome to participate.

Q: Do I have to participate every week?
A: That's completely up to you. We'd love to see as many RVillagers participate as possible. We love hearing your travel stories and seeing things through your eyes.

Q: How many photos can I upload for each weekly prompt?
A: This is completely up to you as well. RVillagers love reading travel stories and seeing things through your eyes. Don't forget to tell the stories behind your photos.

Q: I'm not on the road right now. Can I use a photo that I took a few months ago while I was on the road and traveling?
A: Of course you can! The goal of this challenge to to help you tell your travel stories through photos. If you have a great photo that you took a few months ago (or even a year ago) that fits the theme of the photo challenge, please post it... and share a little bit about the photo. Don't forget to use the hashtag #rvillagephotochallenge so we can all see it.


That's it! Your photo can now be seen in the photo challenge (#rvillagephotochallenge). Head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE

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