Edit My Profile Photo - App

If using Desktop, click HERE.

If using Mobile Web (Not the App), click HERE.

Did you just take an amazing pic of yourself, your rig, or where you are, and you want to use it for your profile pic? Here's how... 

Click "Profile".


Click "Edit My Profile".


Click "Edit My Photo".

Click "Choose File".

Click on "Photo Library" to choose a photo that has already been saved in your phone.

Click on "Take Photo or Video" to take a new photo within the app.

To crop your photo, click on "Edit Thumbnail".

Drag the corners of the crop box until the portion of the photo you would like to use is highlighted.

Click "Apply Changes".

Once you have selected and cropped the photo you would like to use, remember to click "Save Photo".

Now that you know how to upload a new profile photo, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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