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Here is how you can view and use your My Photos section.  

First we will show you how to add photos to an existing Photo Album.

Click "Profile".


Click "View My Profile".


Click "Photos".


Click "Manage Photos".


Click "Add New Photos".

Click the "Down Arrow" next to "Create A New Album"

When the menu appears at the bottom of the screen, select the Album Name that you would like to add new photos to.

Click "Done", then click "Upload".

Click "OK" to allow the app to have access to your photos.

Choose the photo you would like to add. When the uploader is done, you can click "Upload" again to select another photo. When you are finished adding photos, click "Done", and remember to click "Save Changes".

You will now be able to view all of the photos in your newly edited album. Click on "Next" or on the page number to view the next page of photos. You can also add captions to each photo here.

When you are done making changes, remember to click "Save Changes".

Here you will see your album exactly as other RVillage members will view it.

Now we will show you how to Create A New Album. 

Repeat steps 1-5 above.

Now you can add a Title to your New Album. If you would like to add a category to your album, click the "Down Arrow" next to "All Categories".

When the menu appears, choose the category that most closely describes the overall theme of your new album. Then click "Done".

Add a description of your new album in the space provided under "Album Description". You can also choose whether or not you would like your album to appear in search results by unchecking the box next to "Show this album in search results".

Click on the "Down Arrows" to choose options for "Privacy", "Comment Privacy", and "Tagging".

"Everyone" will allow anyone on the internet (whether they are RVillage members or not) to view, comment on, or tag photos in your album.


"Friends Only" limits the album's visibility to just your friends on RVillage.

"Just Me" means you are the only person who can view the album.


Once you have made your selections, click "Upload" to choose photos to add to your album.

If you accidentally choose a photo you did not want uploaded to the album, simply click "Abort".

When you are done uploading photos, click "Done", and then "Save Photos".

The next page will allow you to add Captions to your photos. When you are finished, remember to click "Save Changes."


 Now that you know how to utilize the Photos section of your Profile, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.

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