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Your "My Places" map keeps track of locations you've been based on where you've checked in, as well as the locations you've added to your map manually. It's a reminder of where you've been and a great way to share your travels with others. Here's what you can do with your "My Places" map... 

Log into your account via the App.

1. Click "Menu" located in the upper left corner looks like 3 bars


2. Scroll down to "Profile"


3. Click on "View My Profile"


3.  Click on "My "Places" 


4. You can now see your "My Places" map with pins located at all of the places you've checked into or added to your map.


5. You can refine the places you're looking at by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting "All Places", "This Year", "Last Year", Last Two Years" or by entering in a custom date range by selecting "Enter Custom Date". Click "Done" to confirm your decision.


6. If you're new to RVillage and want to add all of your past destinations to your map, or you just forgot to check in at your last destination, you can always add a place to your map and enter the dates you were there.

  • Just click on "Add Place", fill in the info just like you do when you check into a location and click "Add New Place".


7. if you need to view the info in the pin, correct the info or remove that pin, just click the pin. Use the "Edit" button to edit the info. Use the "Remove" button to remove the pin. Once you're done viewing the pin, click the "x" to close it again.  


8. You can share your "My Places" map with others via email or on other websites. Simply highlight and copy the "Link to Share" link below your map, and then paste it where you'd like to share it. 

  • You can also embed your "My Places" map on a website, blog, or other social media outlets you manage. Simply highlight and copy the "Embed My Places" link located below your map, and then paste it into your webpage or other social media sites using the embed code widget ( </>


Now that you know what you can do with your "My Places" map, head over to the site and give it a try by clicking HERE.


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