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On the RVillage Home Feed you can view all activity, only your friend's posts, all member's posts or create a customized list of how you want to view the Home Feed.

Here's how to change your view using a customized list...

Log into your account and click the "Home Page" button.


Click "More" under the "All Activity" bar.

Clicking "Create A List" will allow you to make your own custom list and will only allow very specific posts to appear in your Home Feed.


You can create a list using your friends, groups you belong to, or get-togethers you've created or joined.

Choose the items you want to include in your custom list by clicking on them.

After your list is custom tailored to your preferences, don't forget to scroll down and click "Create List with X Items".

Now, when you activate your "All Activities" drop down menu, any lists you have created will also appear as options for your home feed.

You can also edit or delete the lists you have created at any time.

Simply click the "more" button.

Then click red "edit" icon next to the name of the list you would like to edit or delete.

You can now change the name of your list by typing the new name in the text box.

Clicking on the down arrow next to "Choose" will open the drop down menu.

You can add a combination of friends, groups, and get togethers to the same list.

Once you've made your selections, scroll down and click the green "Save X Choices To List" button to save your changes.

You can also click "Cancel" to exit without making any changes, or click "Delete" to delete your list.

If you've deleted a list, it will no longer appear as an option in the "All Activity" drop down menu.

Now that you now how to edit or delete a custom list, you can log in and try it out by clicking HERE.

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