How To Make And View A Reply - App

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When a post is made on the site, members can comment on that post and then you or other members can reply to the comments made.

Here's how...

When you see a post you would like to reply to, simply click "Reply".

Type your reply in the text box, and then click "Post Reply".

Your reply will appear below the post you responded to, and the member you responded to will receive a notification of your reply.

To see if anyone has responded to your posts, click the "Bell" icon at the top of the site.

Your notifications will look like this. To see what the WE2's said in their comment on your post, click on the notification. This will take you to their comment.

To reply to their comment, click "Reply".

Type your response in the text box that appears and click "Post Reply".

If you go to a post, and you see "View 1 Reply", click on it, and the reply will become visible.

To collapse a reply and make it hidden on your feed, simply click "Hide 1 Reply".

Now that you know how to make a reply and see replies made to your comments, head over to the site to give it a try by clicking HERE

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