Groups I Manage - App

If using Desktop, click HERE.

If using Mobile Web (not the App), click HERE.

Once you've created a group (or a lot of groups) you can find them like this...

Log into your account.

Click "Groups'


Click "Groups I Manage"


You will now see a list of all the groups you own.

  • You can click on the numbers or "next" to go to the next page if you own more groups than will fit on one page.
  • You can click "Edit Group" to edit the details of your group.
  • You can click "Delete Group" to delete your group.
  • You can click on the name of the group to go to your group's feed. 

Now that you are on your group's feed, you can do a number of things. Click on the down arrow beside "Group Navigation" to see all of your options.

  • Group Home will always take you back to your group's feed.
  • Group Info allows you to see the description of the group. 
  • Invite Members allows you to invite your friends to join your group.
  • Edit Group Details allows you to edit all the info you just entered for your group.
  • Manage Members will allow you to approve or disapprove members if you requre members to request membership approval.
  • Manage Announcements allows you to create an announcement for your group and will email all the members of your group letting them know an announcement has been made.
  • Delete Group allows you to delete a group you've created.
  • Promote This Group allows you to promote your group on the site to all of our members.

You can also check or uncheck the notification options to suit your needs and use the social media buttons to share your group in social media outlets or on the site. 

Now that you know how to find the groups you've created, head over to the site and find your groups by clicking HERE

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