Submitting A Recommendation - App

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The Marketplace was created so our members could add recommendations to the places they would truly recommend as an establishment others should visit. Knowing that another RVer had a wonderful experience with a business makes it easier for everyone to make an informed decision about where to shop or receive services.

If you want to add a glowing recommendation to an existing business here's how...

Click "Discover".


Click "More".


Click "Marketplace".


Click either "Businesses Around Me" or "Businesses I've Bookmarked".

Click on the name of the business you would like to submit a recommendation for.

Click "Write a Recommendation".

You can type your recommendation's title and your recommendation in the spaces provided. Then click "Submit Recommendation".

You will now be able to view your newly submitted recommendation. If you would like to make changes, click "edit", or to remove your recommendation, click "delete".

Now that you know how to submit a recommendation for a business, give it a try by clicking HERE.

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