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Contacting your friends by private message is really easy! Here's how....

1. Click the "Three White Lines" at the top of the site.


2. Click " My Messages".


3. Click "Compose Message".


4. Type the member's username in the "Send To" box, and fill in the "Subject" and "Message" areas.

  • Click "Add Photo" if you want to send an image.
  • You can choose to add a "Link" too.
  • Once you have everything filled out, click "Send Message"



  • You can also send a message by clicking on the member's Display Name like this...

1. Log into your account

2. Click on the member's Display Name.


3. Click on the Message box.


4. Fill in the "Subject", compose your message, then click "Send Message".


Note: You can also "Add a Photo" or "Add a Link".

Now that you know how to send a message, click HERE to try it out for yourself.

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